Why are Pole Barn Homes Cheaper?

Why are Pole Barn Homes Cheaper?

Metal building costs can get quite high, especially if you are building a building with higher quality materials and extra features. Pole barns are quickly growing in popularity, and are soon to become one of the largest trends in the construction industry. Pole barns are incredibly flexible and cost-effective. Here are just a  few ways they are used: Homes, shomes, houses, barn homes, and pole barn houses. 


No matter what your goals are, you can keep your metal building costs down, by using a quality metal builder. Luckily there is so much information on pole barns today, and most builders offer an incredibly wide range of floor plans and customization tools. 


Pole barns have evolved to the point where some of them don’t even look like pole barns anymore! The industry is evolving and making it easier and easier to disguise the pole barn style. Many features that are found in a home that has been built traditionally, can now be adapted to the pole barn style house. 


However, before jumping straight into pole barn living, it is important to consider the metal building cost. Building a pole barn is a great option for many, but you should consider if it is right for you. In this blog, we will look into the many things that factor into the cost of building a pole barn home. 


Metal Building Costs -Location 


The metal building cost of your pole barn will vary depending on the state you are in. Each builder is going to vary their prices depending on the demand in the local market where you live. This is because the following cost factors are usually affected: 


  • Build crew travel time: The distance away from your builder’s location is going to factor into the cost. Luckily many builders will factor that cost into their quotes and only service within a certain area. 
  • Materials and delivery: Depending on the pole barn project that is being completed there is going to be materials of varying styles, colors, and sizes. These costs will most likely be outlined clearly in your quote. 
  • Building permits: Depending on your country there may be ordinances in place that force builders to construct in a specific way if the county even allows pole barn structures. A quality builder, however, will usually have this taken care of beforehand. 


Square Footage 


When building a pole barn the most important cost factor is obviously square footage. The larger the square footage the more expensive the metal building cost. One thing to keep in mind though is that it is common for larger homes to have a higher overall cost while having a lower cost per square foot. Another thing to keep in mind is that some counties have a square foot minimum, and may keep you from building a house that is smaller than a set amount. 




Materials’ prices fluctuate with the market. Unfortunately, this means when building pole barns, the prices can fluctuate purely due to the supply and demand of the materials being used. The quality of the material is also a major factor, when purchasing higher-end materials as opposed to cheap ones, you can obviously expect to pay more. However, spending more on higher-quality materials will save you tons of money in repairs later down the line. 




It is always fun to pick out unique features for your pole barn building. From new doors to windows, to a stylish porch. All of these factors and more are ways that you can customize your pole barn to fit your needs. You’ll have to take a lot of considerations for each one. The more features you have, the more your price will increase. We recommend focusing on the exterior, but there is still plenty you can do with the interior. 




Unless you are building a pole barn yourself, you will end up hiring a builder. The cost of labor will depend on your builder. A quality builder will outline the labor cost in their quote. Labor cost is mainly based on the time it takes to complete a project, so you can safely assume that a smaller project will be cheaper. However, the difficulty is also a factor and may cause smaller projects to be more expensive if your request is something unique


Metal Building Costs – Are Pole Barn Homes Cheaper?


Overall, compared to traditional buildings, yes they are. However the final price will come down to the plan that you have, and all of the factors mentioned above. Pole barn homes can be very cost-effective and if you are wanting a fully customizable living space, they can be a great option. Even those looking for a lavish finish or fancier interiors can find what they need in a pole barn. 


For more information about pole barns, metal building costs, and finding reliable contractors, call the experts at UCOA. We would be happy to help you find an ideal contractor that can fit all of your pole barn building needs. Call us today or find us on Facebook!

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