Why a Metal Roof is Right for You

//Why a Metal Roof is Right for You

Selecting the right roof for your home or building is a big decision. With the wide variety of roofing types on the market, it can be a stressful experience. However, at UCOA, we believe that one roofing type, metal roofs, reigns supreme. Having a metal roof has become more popular in residential roofing and home improvement. With as many pros as metals roofs offer, it is not surprising that they have made a rise in popularity. Metal roofs offer benefits that you will not get from traditional roofing methods. For example, here are just some of them:

  • They have proven performance expectations of 50+ years. Metal roofs are extremely durable while still maintaining an attractive appearance.
  • They come in beautiful styles to match any home or neighborhood. Many metal roofs are customizable to ensure that you get the curb appeal that you desire.
  • They have interlocking panels for maximum wind resistance. It is important that your roof can withstand the elements, and with an interlocking metal roof, you can rest assured that your roof is here to stay.
  • They are fire-resistant. Safety is always a huge concern when considering what style of roof to choose. A fire-resistant metal roof is one of the few roofing types that does not combust in the event an ember would land on the roof.
  • They are energy-efficient. Heat reflects off of metal roofs, which can help to keep your cooling costs lower.
  • They have a low weight to help preserve structural integrity and life.
  • They are great for flat or extremely steep rooflines. Roofs made of metal are ideal for not only common rooflines but also for more difficult rooflines.

UCOA uses only the highest quality of products for their consumers. In fact, we have carefully selected only the most trusted brands in the metal building industry for our members.