What We Do

What We Do

UCOA, or United Contractors of America, is a buying group that is committed to offering benefits and opportunities that could not be achieved as individual contractors. UCOA is the source of metal supplies for all of the local contractors in the area. 

Why We Exist


UCOA is here to provide benefits that local contractors cannot get anywhere else. Many local contractors lack the size and capital to do business with large corporations such as Central States. The problem with Central States, McElroy, and other metal suppliers is that these companies require minimum purchase quantities that are beyond the scope of most local contractors. This is where we come in. We offer fantastic deals, benefits, and resources to meet all the metal needs our clients may have. We want to ensure that every contractor we do business with gets the right amount of metal they need, at a price they can afford. We make metal buying accessible to all contractors, no matter their size. 


What Makes Us Different


UCOA offers personalized customer service, which allows us to provide contractors with the ability to purchase a wide selection of building materials and metals from one place. UCOA was created to provide unique buying opportunities to contractors and homeowners in Southern Illinois and beyond. We do more than just buy metal, however. We offer competitive pricing, a variety of brands, local representation, decades of experience in the industry, marketing support, and so much more! 


The Benefits of UCOA 


Becoming a member of UCOA comes with an incredible amount of benefits. We offer same-day estimates on most projects, more buying power than factory direct pricing, technical support, exclusive warranties, tax updates and forms, detailed product information, knowledge on latest trends and industry knowledge, available sales staff, efficient delivery, and instructional seminars. These are just some of the benefits you can expect as a member of UCOA. If you wish to work with us as an individual customer, expect the widest variety of product options in the industry, and the most extensive customer service around. 


Have Questions? 


If you still have questions, that’s no problem at all! Contact the metal buyers at UCOA today, and ask us how we can help you or check us out on Facebook. UCOA would be glad to help you get the metal supplies you need for your project or business. If you are ready to join the UCOA Buyer’s Group, complete our Contractor’s Application.

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