What is Warmforming?

What is Warmforming?

Roll forming is a process in which coils of metal are rolled into metal panels. This process can cause tension in the metal and eventually lead to it becoming cracked. Most of these fractures are very small and sometimes even microscopic, but no matter how small, these cracks will allow water to penetrate the coatings and eventually rust the steel. 


Warm Forming Vs. Roll Forming


Warm forming, also known as thermoforming, is a strategy in roll forming used to avoid cracks, and fractures. In warm forming, the metal is heated to anywhere between 120 and 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This is done before the metal is rolled. Warm forming heats the coil, ensuring that the coatings are soft and flexible, so they do not crack or fracture when rolling. Additionally, warm forming has been linked to increased panel effectiveness and durability. Warm forming is most noticeably effective on harder types of coating. SMP coatings are typically the most brittle and fracture most frequently during roll forming. This makes warm forming highly advantageous when used on these materials, however softer materials that are already flexible, do not need warm forming. These would include paint systems such as Kynar 500. 


The Conclusion


If you are using a harder coating system such as SMP, know that warm forming can significantly improve the long-term durability of the product, and increase its performance. It should also be mentioned that warm forming is even more highly effective in cold climates where regular roll forming falls victim to brutal temperatures. While it is an investment, Warm forming metal can be an incredible investment for contracts looking to provide a much higher quality product to their customers. Warm forming is offered by the top manufacturers in the country, all of which are partners with UCOA. Want to up you game, then buy like no other, and become a member of the United Contractors of America Today!


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