What is Max-Rib Metal Roofing?

What is Max-Rib Metal Roofing?

Choosing the right roofing material is not a decision to take lightly. There are many factors to consider, such as aesthetic, budget, and longevity. UCOA Metals has found a leader in the industry for metal roofing panels, Max Rib Metal Roofing. 

About Max Rib Metal Roofing

Max Rib Metal roofing are a type of roofing panels that are commonly used in residential and post frame projects These panels are a popular roofing choice in the metal roofing industry for a reason. These roofing panels come in a variety of different types, based upon the intended application of the panels, as well as budget and performance. For example, a residential project should use Max Rib Ultra panels that are fade and chalk resistant whereas other projects may be better suited for different Max Rib panels. Your contractor will be able to recommend the right Max Rib panel for your project.

Types of Max Rib Panels-

  • Max Rib Ultra: preferred panel type for residential projects
  • Max Rib II: a multi-use panel
  • Max Rib 100: ideal when the application requires a panel with a Galvanized substrate
  • Max Rib Commodity/Liner: ideal for basic shade and shelter applications 

Advantages of Max Rib Metal Roofing

There are a few advantages of choosing Max Rib roofing over others. Here are a few of them:

  • Wide range of uses: Residential, commercial, and agricultural projects can all use this light-gauge roofing option.
  • Innovative brand: Max Rib is known for its hard work to decrease the tendency for the “chalking” or fading of metal roofs.
  • Special coatings: Max Rib roofing panels have painting coating and zinc in their galvanized coating that help to protect against corrosion and cracking. 
  • Low profile panels: Max Rib panels can be installed on pitches as low as 1:12, as long as sealant is used. 


UCOA Metals creates a unique buying opportunity for both homeowners and contractors. We are the ideal choice to find Max Rib panels. From competitive prices to a knowledgeable sales team, we will help make your project go as smoothly as possible! Contact us today.