What is Horizon-Loc Metal Roofing?

What is Horizon-Loc Metal Roofing?

Horizon-Loc metal roofing is a highly leak resistant roofing style that provides the sleek look and benefits of a seam roof without the expensive installation. While most seam roofs require labor intensive, mechanical installation, horizon-loc metal roofing cuts labor costs with a snap in place system. It is highly durable, highly reliable, and highly recommended for small commercial buildings or residential roofing. 


Horizon-Loc Metal Roofing Vs. Panel-Loc

Horizon-Loc metal roofing is regarded for its seamless look at a reasonable price. However, its main benefit is its leak protection and durability. Horizon-Loc metal roofing, will be an ideal choice for protecting your home from the elements. It is rust resistant, dent resistant, fade resistant, and eliminates leaks related to rain and snow. Horizon-Loc metal roofing has hidden fasteners, which not only protects them from bad weather but also gives your roof a much more seamless, modern look. Panel-Loc is a simple option that does use drains to minimize leaks, and overlaps to improve appearance. However its lengthy installation, and inability to install over solid decking like Horizon-Loc metal roofing, makes it less ideal for someone looking for a long lasting roofing option.


Horizon-Loc Metal Roofing Installation.

Horizon-Loc metal roofing can be easily installed using its snap together system. An array of panels are cut and shaped to fit your roof. The first panels being installed will be the trim, or the outer edges of the roof. The panels are cut, and fastened to the roof with screws. The edges are then bent over the edge of the roof and locked into place. The first panel on either side will be fastened to the trim to ensure they are not caught by wind. All the panels in between the trim can be simply fastened to one another via the snap together system, which requires no tools or screws. The simple and efficient installation process provides you with a strong, durable roof, without the high labor costs. 


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