What is a Panel-Loc metal roof?

What is a Panel-Loc metal roof?

A panel-loc metal roof is a stylish, low rib roof designed to give commercial, residential, and agricultural outdoor buildings a strong and reliable steel protection while maintaining a quality look. Usually coming in 26 to 29 gauge steel, having a panel-loc roof can provide extreme protection against the elements. Most panel-loc metal roofs can withstand weather at a class 4 resistance level, come in a variety of colors, and are usually offered with a substantial warranty.


Why choose a metal roof from Panel-Loc?

Compared to other options such as horizontal-loc, R-loc, and Barnmaster, a panel-loc metal roof will provide the strongest and most reliable protection for your barn or outdoor building. Panel-loc roofs provide extra striation to the tops of the ribs, making them stand out, and be more durable. Horizontal-Loc and other options are easier to install due to not having to use mechanical seaming. However, without the seaming process used on a Panel-Loc metal roof, the roof will not have nearly as high of impact resistance. In addition, it will not last as long. Panel-loc roofs feature an average rib highlight of ¾ inches and cover an entire 36 inches of space while still providing above optimal protection. Many other options sacrifice significant coverage for durability, or utilize overly small or large ribs. Panel-loc roofs are the perfect middle-ground for someone looking for a roof that looks good, will last, and covers the building they need it to.


Choose UCOA

A Panel-loc metal roof is a great option for those looking to find long-lasting protection for their outdoor buildings. Compared to other options, panel-loc’s class 4 protection, and large coverage makes it a great option in many different situations. They provide an appealing, clean look that will make your outdoor building stand out among the rest. And, your building will remain that way for a long time. To learn more, contact UCOA Metals today.