Over 10 Distribution Points in the USA


Over 10 Distribution Points in the USA

McElroy Metal

Build With The Best

McElroy Metal is a high-quality metal product manufacturing company. As an industry leader, McElroy offers metal roofing supplies, substructural components, and metal siding. Their products are perfect for a large variety of projects, including commercial, residential, agricultural, municipal, post-frame, solar, self-storage, and other types of buildings. Not only do they have a range of different product options, but McElroy also offers many opportunities for customization with a variety of colors offered.

McElroy Metal is a family-owned metal manufacturing business that has grown into a nationally respected company. McElroy Metal been in business since 1963 and has a proven its dedication to its mission to provide quality products. They work hard to maintain their status as an industry leader. In addition, they work to develop meaningful relationships with employees, customers, and suppliers. McElroy puts an emphasis on developing a great relationship with everyone that they work with.

The McElroy Difference

UCOA will never settle for average metal, which is why we work with McElroy metals, who are anything but an average metal supplier. With some of the best warranties in the industry at the manufacture level, an incredible amount of information and resources, and a commitment to quality that has remained sound for 67 years, it is no surprise that UCOA takes great pride and care with our relationship with McElroy. As a member of UCOA, you will not only get access to all of McElroy’s newest innovations, but all of their exclusive resources, warranties, and support. No longer do you have to be turned away by larger suppliers. Join UCOA today, and develop a level of quality that is sure to put you in a league well above your competition.

Exclusive, High-Quality Products

To stand out in an increasingly competitive market, second hand metal will not cut it. Not only does getting access to McElroy through UCOA give you quality metal directly from the source, but it gives you exclusive services, parts, coatings, and paints. Do you want to offer your customers a custom building, the exact color they want, with exactly the pieces you need, all backed by a nationally recognized manufacturer? As a member of UCOA, you can! We help small contractors run with the giants, and we can help you too!

At UCOA, we are incredibly excited to be McElroy Metal partners. We highly value their quality products and enthusiastically recommend using them to our customers for their projects. One of the McElroy Metal products that we are proud to offer is Max-Rib. Here is some more information on this McElroy Metal product line:

Max Rib: Max Rib metal panels are great for roofing or post-frame uses and applications. Max-Rib panels are offered in a diverse range of options in order to provide the best possible solution to the specific needs of a contractor or consumer’s project. 

Choose UCOA

UCOA Metals is proud to partner with McElroy Metal to provide our valued contractors and consumers with high-quality metal roofing supplies and other metal products that they can trust. To learn more about McElroy Metal and how UCOA can help you as a contractor’s buying group, please contact us by calling (618) 993-6500.

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