Over 10 Distribution Points in the USA


Over 10 Distribution Points in the USA


A Manufacturer That Cares

MBCI is one of the most trusted metal product manufacturers in the industry. MBCI prides itself on offering a large selection of products, providing over 90 different panel profile offerings. Their products include roll-up doors, wall panels, metal roofing, and more. With so many different products available, they are sure to have something that fits your needs no matter what your project is. MCBI is versatile and able to be used for a wide range of projects in different industries. Some of the different industries that MBCI products can be used for are the agricultural, architectural, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries.

MBCI is a national metal supplier with a great reputation. MBCI has a mission to not only provide high quality products, but they also work to build relationships that are tailored to each group or individual who they work with. They are here to help their clients with everything they would need. Taking care of their contractors is at the heart of their business and makes them stand out to us at UCOA.

Strong Products and an even Stronger Relationship

MBCI has been in business since 1976. Since than they have done nothing but offer incredible products, quality service, and high quality relationships. They offer thousands of products ranging every building type in the industry. If you need high quality metal, with powerful warranties, unique coloring options, and strong systems built to last, than you need MBCI. Lucky for you, you can get access to MBCI products as a member of UCOA. We help small contractors compete like never before, so help your customers get the buildings they deserve, and join UCOA today!


Proud MBCI Partner

At UCOA, we are happy to be a contractor supplies buying group that partners with such a highly regarded company with a great reputation. We believe in their products and highly recommend them to all of our valued customers to use for their projects. One of the products that we carry from MBCI is the Craftsman series. Here is some more information about this product line:

Craftsman series: The Craftsman series is a water-shedding system. This system simplifies complicated building transitions without flashings being necessary.

Proud MBCI Partner

UCOA Metals is proud to partner with MBCI to provide the highest quality metal products from a trusted manufacturer to our customers. To learn more about MBCI metal products or about UCOA can help you as your contractor supplies buying group, please contact us by calling (618) 993-6500.

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