The Uses of Post Frame Metal 


Post-frame metal is used in a process called post-frame construction. This is a process that involves using laminated or pressure-treated wooden columns to form the structure of a building. The most common form of walls and roofing is metal for these types of structures, however, there are a wide variety of materials that can be used when constructing a post frame metal building. 


Post-frame metal buildings are unique in that they are the most economically friendly and easy to construct buildings on the market, while still being able to withstand even the harshest conditions. The durability and sleek look of post-frame metal buildings are unmatched. Post-frame metal buildings are most commonly praised for their versatility. They can be designed to be as simple as a shed, or as advanced as a full-size warehouse. 


Post Frame Metal or Pole Barn Metal? 


It is very easy to get confused when these terms are used, but they are actually the same thing and can be used interchangeably. While post frame metal usually refers to rectangular poles, and pole barn metal is typically cylindrical this is the only difference. Pole barn metal is referred to as such because back in the 1930s during the early days of agricultural construction, processes were very primitive. Pole barns were built with literal poles supporting the frame and rafters. These poles were very reminiscent of telephone poles. Lucky for us in the modern age, we have come a long way. Modern pole barn metal and post frame metal buildings are incredibly well crafted, with strong posts that can be spaced much farther apart. They allow for ample wall space for insulation, and a much sturdier foundation. 


Choosing the Right Post-Frame Metal Materials 


Choosing the right materials to build your building is incredibly important. When searching for post-frame metal it is important that you are working with a trusted contractor supplier. Many large corporate pole barn metal suppliers have steep fees and minimum amount limits that severely limit the versatility a buyer has. Due to their hold on the steel supply, it can be very difficult to work with these larger metal buying firms. It is recommended that you work with a trusted local pole barn metal supplier who can give you a much better price and have the versatility to work with you and fit your needs. It is recommended that you use a contractor metal buyer that only sells the highest-quality metals and has a strong reputation in the local community. 


Why use Pole Barn Metal for your Building? 


Using strong metal, especially for the roofing on your building is a fantastic choice. Using pole barn metal for sheds, barns, warehouses, and other agricultural buildings is ideal because it is easy to install, provides some of the best protection in the industry, requires minimal maintenance, and is sealed to ensure that any equipment you may have is water and wind safe. 


Post-Frame Metal Lifespan 


A post-frame metal building can have a lifespan exceeding 60 years! When you use a trusted local metal buying group, you can acquire some of the strongest warranties in the industry. Pole barn metal buildings are highly heat resistant which increases the overall lifespan and durability. Many agricultural professionals trust, professional-grade metal pole barn metal to keep their heat-sensitive equipment cool in the summer months. 


Post-Frame metal buildings vs. Steel Frame Buildings. 


When searching for suppliers to construct your building you may be offered a steel frame building style as opposed to a post-frame building style, but what is the difference? Post-frame metal buildings are much more popular and are made with wooden framing, usually made from laminated or treated wood, while steel frame buildings are framed with different types of industrial steel. 


Steel frame buildings come with plenty of advantages. They are easy to add onto and tend slightly faster to build. Post-frame buildings come with much more versatility and unique design options. Everything from higher pitched roofs, trims, eaves, and overhangs. Overall steel frame buildings are easier when it comes to initial construction. However, post-frame metal buildings are much better when it comes to overall durability, versatility, and design options. 


When it comes to cost, post-frame metal buildings are the way to go. With having a lumber makeup as opposed to metal it is significantly less expensive. You also have to use fewer materials such as wielders, which reduced construction crew and material cost.


Post Frame buildings typically offer superior efficiency to steel frame buildings. Pole barn metal is thicker, and the wall cavities allow for greater space for insulation. This reduced energy costs and the use of lumber conducts less heat, keeping your equipment cool in the summer.  


Contrary to popular belief pole barn metal buildings are actually stronger and more durable than steel frame buildings. Post-frame metal buildings have superior foundations once built, due to the high-quality laminated lumber posts, incredibly strong trusses, and roll-form metal exteriors. These aspects put together make pole barn metal buildings a strong building that will withstand any of the elements. 


Types of Post-Frame Metal buildings for Commercial use 


Post-frame metal buildings are an incredibly cost-effective way to expand your business into another physical location. If you are interested in moving, creating, or expanding a business, this can be a great option. A typical misconception is that this can only be attributed to agricultural businesses, but this is far from the case. In fact, due to their flexibility, pole barn metal buildings can be used for virtually any business environment. Here are some of the most common businesses that utilize post frame metal construction:


  • Retail Stores
  • Automotive Shops and dealerships
  • Warehouses
  • Small storage units
  • Trade Shops/professional services 


Using pole barn metal to construct your retail business can be a fantastic move. Pole barn metal buildings are known for their space, efficiency, longevity, and sustainability. This form of construction allows for highly flexible floor planning, attractive exteriors, and significantly lower cost than traditional brick and mortar construction. 


Many dealerships and automotive repair shops are turning to pole barn metal for their buildings. With clear-span trusses, these types of buildings do not require load-bearing walls. This allows for the showing of vehicles in a wide-open space if using the building as a dealership. This also allows for more vehicles to be in a singular room, which increases the rate of repair, if using the building as a repair shop. This type of energy-efficient construction is perfect for automotive businesses because it gives the business owner the ability to work with vehicles in an open indoor space without sacrificing structural integrity or energy efficiency. 


Pole barn metal buildings are the most popular choice for heavy manufacturing companies. Manufacturing any sort of heavy material or equipment is very expensive, and requires a lot of large machinery. This is what makes post-frame metal buildings so valuable. The spaced trusses give these companies the room to operate and lower their overall energy cost, thus increasing their net profit. All of the width, in addition to the versatility of roof height, give these buildings the ability to house trucks, parts, assembly lines, materials, large equipment, and more. 


Not everyone has the ability to store a lot in their home, which is why many long-term collectors or people who inherit large amounts of items, turn to self-storage businesses. If this sounds familiar, why not have it be you? Using pole barn metal construction, you can create a beautiful and highly efficient building. This allows for very low energy cost with significant enough space to have a very large pool of clients to serve. 


Are you a tradesperson, looking to move your people and equipment more efficiently? Look no further than a post-frame metal building. These buildings can be equipped with large overhead doors, office spaces, and diverse floor plans, with workshop space. Trade businesses commonly need to expand, lucky for you, pole barn metal buildings can be easily expanded upon, ensure that as long as you have land, you can expand your professional services business significantly for a very low cost.  


Have more questions? 


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