The Cost of Building and Framing a Metal Building

The Cost of Building and Framing a Metal Building

 Are you on the way to building your first metal building or home? Do you already have one? Either way, it is important to know your options for framing your building. When you hire a builder or build a pole barn metal home yourself, there are tons of benefits. These include customizability, new appliances, personal changes, and much more. You even save more down the line by getting a new building build as opposed to buying an existing one due to its extensive lifespan. 


Pole Barn Metal Building costs 


It is estimated that the average cost of building a metal home is between $350,000 and $360,000. This includes all of the construction costs, the cost of the land, and furnishing the building. 


If you are building a metal building from scratch it costs on average $41,123 to fully frame a metal building. This includes the framing, trusses, sheathing, and metal beams. Of course, all of the costs associated with not only the framing but the construction of the pole barn metal building itself can be reduced depending upon numerous factors. These factors include: 


  • Location of Building
  • Size of Building
  • Type of building


Why would the location of your pole barn metal building affect the cost? Well, the answer to that question ultimately comes in the form of landscaping and ownership costs. The first question you must ask yourself is, do I own the land I am building on? If so you have nothing to worry about as far as ownership costs go. However, if you do not own the land you will have to rent or purchase the land, and that price is up to the discretion of the current owner of the land. Even if you do own the land though, keep in mind landscaping costs. Do you have trees that have to be removed? Forestry work can get very expensive very quickly and should be considered with the rest of your costs. 


The size of your building is a major cost factor. Obviously, the larger the building the higher the cost. Most pole barn metal buildings are priced by the square foot. Make sure to ask your builder or metal supplier, what they charge per square foot so you can get an exact estimate on the cost you will incur when building your pole barn metal building. It also never hurts to set aside funds for unexpected events and emergency expenses. 


There are four main types of pole barn metal buildings, that due to the way they are constructed, vary in cost. 


Quonset Hut – Quonset Hut’s roughly cost $13-$15 per square foot to build and frame. They are some of the most popular metal buildings. Sometimes these buildings can be made with as little as two or one-sheets of metal. Due to the simplicity of the design and the ease of construction, you can usually find much cheap material and labor costs when building a building of this type. 


Barndominiums – Barndominiums vary wildly in cost. The construction and framing can cost anywhere from $20 to $85 per square foot. This type of pole barn metal building has grown in popularity due to its versatility and multi-use space. You can get a full shell of this type for as cheap as $20,000, but if you are furnishing this building or adding any unique touches that price can quickly rise into the $100,000 or more range. 


Rigid frame – rigid frame pole barn metal buildings cost around $13 to $18 per square foot. These are pinned-down buildings that resist weight from at least one direction. This building allows for open spaces with beams or columns. These are very useful for open homes or large industrial spaces as they require less support, meaning fewer beams. 


A-frame Homes – A-frame building costs can range from $13 to $125 per square foot! A-frame buildings are some of the fastest to construct buildings in the industry, however, they are usually quite costly. The reason for this is they usually require expensive materials and interior finishes to be built correctly. This would only be an ideal option for someone with a large budget, who truly wants a unique and luxurious building. 


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