How to Spot a Good Post Frame Metal Builder

How to Spot a Good Post Frame Metal Builder

So you have made the decision to build that pole barn you have always been wanting. Awesome! After all, that time, saving, looking at metal roofing supplies, and getting ready, now is the time to design your pole barn and find a great builder. Whether you are looking for a well-insulated workshop, a great living space, or the perfect man cave, there are a few things you can do to make sure the job gets done right. As excited as you may be for your brand new building, you will have to ask yourself how well you really know your builders. 


The skill level or your building team can be the deciding factor on whether you get the pole barn of your dreams or a building you regret. This feeling will boil down to the combination of the end product and your overall building experience. 


This is why it is so important to carefully analyze your post-frame builder and make the right decision. How do you find a quality builder? The first step is to find a builder that has a solid training, building, and support process. Here are some of the main questions you should be asking your potential builder:


What is the best Crew Size for this Job? 


Typically, a residential metal roofing supplies, or pole barn building project will require a crew of 3 to 4 workers. A large commercial or agricultural metal roofing supplies or pole barn build will take 4 to 1o workers. When trusting a pole barn builder make sure they understand optimal crew sizes and are knowledgeable on how to mobilize the resources required to complete the job. 


How will my Property be Treated During Construction? 


This question is very important, as it not only gives you information but protects you as well. Quality builders will mark a building site, as well as parts of the property that are “off-limits” to prevent any unnecessary property damage. Both the construction and ‘off-limits’ zone should be drawn out before construction. It may also be a good idea to ask the builder about the builder’s risk insurance and the ways they will be protecting you before the build begins. 


Do you directly Employ the Crew? Is there Office Support? What metal roofing supplies are used?


Try and find a builder who directly employs their workers. Subcontracted workers are often jumping from job to job, so there is a much higher likelihood that there will be delays or a mistake. This is especially true for project managers. Project managers dictate the flow of a project, so if the company and project manager working on site are not directly connected, the movement of important people and materials will be slow. Also, make sure to check that office support is available. This simply means that there is a support line for you to contact with any questions you may have during the build. 


How many years of experience do you have in building and metal roofing supplies? 


These questions should be directed both at the company itself and the workers. A company may have been in business for a long time but is using all of their new hires on your project. Your build should have a mix of newer and seasoned builders, to ensure that you are working with individuals that know the procedures well and can get the build done right! 


What are your safety procedures? 


One of the most important signs that you are working with a quality builder is that they have a plan in place in case things go wrong. Quality builders will have a clearly outlined safety procedure, as well as a plan, in case of an injury or anything goes wrong. Working with these kinds of builders is great for peace of mind and overall satisfaction. 


Looking for a Local, Quality Builder? 


Then look no further than UCOA! We have built thousands of pole barns all across Southern Illinois and the surrounding regions, and would be happy to talk with you about your needs! Give us a call today, and learn about all the ways we can build the perfect building for you or check out our happy customers on Facebook!

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