The Many Benefits of Metal Siding on Your Home

Siding Metal Can Offer Long Lasting Protection, Pleasing Curb Appeal, and Save You Money

Next to your roof, siding is one of the most important aspects of your home, and the type of siding is a very important decision when it comes to a new home or remodels. Metal siding is increasing in popularity and it is no hard to see why. Metal siding is a very low-maintenance siding, once installed. It is resistant to frost rain, wind, and extreme heat. It is also moisture-resistant and prevents the growth of mold and fungus.  When choosing a metal siding it should be noted that the thicker the metal the more durable it is. Luckily no matter what thickness, metal siding retains its sleek look.  Metal siding looks great, comes in a variety of colors, and protects your home better and longer than standard siding.  Many metal manufactures can offer high-quality styles of metal siding that come with unique benefits. This could be a lifetime paint warranty if you choose a customizable style, fade-resistance, dent-resistance, and rust-proofing! Other options vary in their uses and abilities. Rest assured, as long as you are using a local, trusted metal buyer, you can always find a metal option that not only gets the job done right but also requires very little maintenance.

Metal Siding is Long-Lasting and Offers Reliable Protection

Quality metal siding is the toughest against outside weather. And, whether it be rain, snow, hail, or sun your siding metal offers the ultimate protection.

Traditional siding is less durable and requires more frequent repairs, especially if you are in an area that is prone to harsh weather.  Residential metal siding, however, lasts two to three times longer and will be less likely to need routine maintenance. Most metal siding is wind, hail, rain, and snow resistant, making them the most versatile type of siding on the market. Metal siding is known for being versatile, whether it is for your home, a barn, a shed, or anything in between, metal siding looks good and works well. This is always useful for individuals who live in areas where the weather might get extreme. If you are looking for a low-maintenance sleek look, that can stand the test of time, metal siding is a fantastic option.

Residential Siding Metal is Available in Many Styles and Colors

Residential siding metal can be offered in many styles that complement all home types. Both steel and aluminum siding are fantastic options. They can come in patterns or textures that mimic wood or can come prepainted. You can fully customize your siding before it is even installed!

All types of metal siding are available in a wide variety of colors depending on the manufacturer. Thye also come in various levels of thickness and have a wide variety of designs that fit different styles of homes, such as farmhouses and residential properties.

Residential metal siding has evolved significantly in the past couple of years. Not only can you get an aesthetically pleasing set of metal panels, but these panels will also last for up to 50 years! Metal siding, much like metal roofing, can be highly tailored to the needs of the homeowner, from standing seam to corrugated, to batten metal, to box rib, and so much more, you can find something no matter what look you are going for. Metal siding can give your home a rustic, homely look, just as well as it can create a beautiful, seamless modern-looking home. It is always important to weigh your options and really find the right style and color that fits your needs because you will have to be prepared for quality metal to last a very long time.

Metal Siding Efficient and Cost-Effective

With quality metal siding, the initial cost of purchasing is more than traditional siding, but a metal siding has much more resale value. Metal siding can increase the future value of your home by as much as 6%. Whereas homes with traditional siding can lose value, as their home is more prone to damage.

Metal siding, as well as metal roofing, is always incredibly efficient as well. This is thanks to metal’s efficiency in reflecting the sun’s heat with help from UV reflecting paint. You can save tons of money on your energy bill, just by switching to metal options.

Not to mention, metal siding is environmentally friendly. Steel siding is a recyclable metal that will not hurt the environment once it wears down, not that you will need to worry, as metal siding lasts for decades at a time.

Metal siding is one of the most versatile and efficient options in the industry. Cool siding paint allows for highly efficient reflective properties. Metal siding is designed to last, with thick groves making up each pannel, you can expect your building to withstand even the harshest of conditions. When choosing metal options you can be sure you are enhancing your home’s durability and efficiency, while also keeping the environment around you safe and healthy.

The Ideal Siding Metal for Your Lifestyle

Metal siding comes in all shapes and sizes to match any budget! There are many different types of protections and panel quality and homeowners are often surprised to learn how affordable metal siding is! Due to the incredible amount of variety in metal siding, it may seem daunting to pick the option that is right for you. However, each type of metal siding and roofing has its own strengths and uses that make the process much easier. Simply taking into account the area you live in and your priority (efficiency, aesthetic, durability, etc.) can make the decision process fly by. UCOA offers many tools as well as customer support to ensure our community gets the metal exteriors that fit their needs and will work with their lifestyle.

This chart allows you to compare different metal panels along with their protective features! Those include fade protection, a paint warranty, rust blocking, and dent resistance.

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Metal Exteriors Frequently Asked Questions:

Won’t lightning strike my home more often with a metal roof or siding?

Your home is just as safe with a metal roof as having a shingle roof when it comes to lightning, and the same goes for your siding! On the off chance your home does get struck, your metal siding and roof will distribute the energy and protect your home from a surge of electricity.

Is there a difference in metal roofing and siding types?

The common belief is that metal roofing and siding are all standard and cookie cutter. This is not the case at all! There are many variations when it comes to paint type, color, thickness, rust preventative coatings, and hardness that all change the look and protection level of your home. Make sure you weigh all factors of durability and quality, as well as the price to make sure you get the perfect metal option for you!

Is Metal Siding FireProof? 

Metal siding and roofing are the most fire-resistant options available, however, this does not make them one hundred percent fireproof. Metal can not ignite or spread fire on its own, but it can be warped or damaged if a fire burns hot enough in close proximity.

Is Metal Siding and Roofing Difficult to Install?

When it comes to installation, the difficulty is going to come down to the installers’ level of experience and what type of metal they are installing. It is not recommended to install metal siding or roofing yourself if you do not have experience doing so or do not have at least a small team. Hiring a professional is a much safer and faster option. If you do have the experience however and wish to do it yourself, the length and difficulty of the install will come down to your ability and the quality of metal you are installing.

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