What is Roll Forming?

A rollformer takes strips of metal and sends it through sets of rolls to perform incremental bends until the desired shape is achieved. A number of factors are necessary for roll forming to be successful, such as material properties, tooling set up, and the operator. This technique can be very precise as long as the operator has a deep understanding of the process. Despite the precision, however, there are many drawbacks to using a roll former.

Drawbacks of Roll Forming

The drawbacks of roll forming include:

  • Cost
  • Difficulty Post Cold Rolling
  • Inexperienced Operator/Poor Practices
  • Metal Contamination
  • End Flare


The process of forming metal using a rollformer is an expensive process. The tooling necessary to roll for is quite expensive, notably when compared to other sheet metal processes. In addition, these tools need frequent cleaning, which leads to extra costs for the necessary cleaning supplies and the labor needed to perform the cleaning.

Difficulty Post Cold Rolling:

After the standard forming process, the metal is much harder to work with. The stress that the process places on the metal may cause localized buckling. Secondly, another disadvantage of the roll forming process is that a cold rolled sheet of metal is thin in relation to its weight.

Inexperienced Operator/Poor Practices:

The rolling technique requires an experienced rollformer to avoid using poor practices. These poor practices can lead to a number of issues such as brittle metal.

Metal Contamination:

Roll forming uses tooling that needs to be cleaned properly. Without using proper cleaning techniques, there is a risk of metal contamination.

End Flare: 

Roll forming causes linear stresses in metal, which can lead to end flares. These distortions will need to be either corrected or steps need to be taken beforehand to lessen the severity of the flares.

Why Choose UCOA?

UCOA offers the highest quality of metals and uses only the best methods and practices. Each panel of metal from UCOA is responsibly shaped and precise. We can also offer variations of gauge and size that a rollformer can not.