The Many Benefits of a Metal Roof on Your Home

Residential Roofing Metal Can Offer Long Lasting Protection, Pleasing Curb Appeal, and Save You Money

If your standard shingle and asphalt roof is ready for its replacement, maybe you should consider switching to a metal roof. Metal roofs on homes has risen in popularity and it is not hard to see why. Metal roofing looks great, come in a variety of colors, and they protect your home better and longer than standard asphalt roofing. Not to mention their energy efficiency which could quality you for homeowners discounts.

Metal Roofs are Long-Lasting and Offer Reliable Protection

Quality metal roofing is the toughest against outside weather. And, whether it be rain, snow, hail, or sun your roofing metal offers the ultimate protection.

Traditional asphalt shingles are more brittle and need to be replaced every 10-20 years. But residential metal roofs last two to three times longer and will be less likely to need routine maintenance.

Residential Roofing Metal is Available in Many Styles and Colors

Residential Roofing Metal can be offered in many profiles that compliment all home types. For Example Panel-Loc Plus compliments Ranch styles or log cabin homes, Horizon-Loc is great for Colonial style homes, and Central Snap, M-Loc and R-Loc are great for modern contemporary style homes.

All types of metal roofing are available in a wide variety of colors. Our color chart can make choosing your next metal roofing color easy!

Metal Roofs are Efficient and Cost Effective

With a quality metal roof, the initial cost of purchasing a metal roof is more than an asphalt roof, but a metal roof has much more resale value. A metal roof can increase the future value of your home by as much as 6%. Whereas homes with asphalt shingles quickly loose value due to the brittleness of shingles.

Some states even offer incentives for switching to a metal roof! This is thanks to  metal’s efficiency in reflecting the suns heat with help from UV reflecting paint. In short, switching can save you up to 25% on your energy costs!

Some metal roofs can even be installed over existing shingles! So, if you are thinking about switching over to a metal roof you can save money by not having to remove your old shingles!

The Ideal Roofing Metal for Your Lifestyle

Metal roofs comes in all shapes and sizes to match any budget! There are many different types of protections and panel quality and homeowners are often surprised to learn how affordable metal roofing is!

This chart allows you to compare different metal roofing panels along with their protective features! Those include, fade protection, a paint warranty, rust blocking, and dent resistance.

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Metal Roofing Frequently Asked Questions:

Is metal roofing louder than shingles?

The most common misconception about metal roofing is that is will be louder than shingles when it rains when this is not the case! The truth is that metal roofing is installed with a solid sheathing underlayment. This means that there is a layer on insulation under the metal which dampens noise much better than other roofing materials.

Won’t lightning strike my home more often with a metal roof?

Your home is just as safe with a metal roof as having a shingle roof when it comes to lightning! And, in the off chance your home does get struck, your metal roof will distribute the energy and protect your home from a surge of electricity.

Is there a difference in metal roofing types?

The common belief is that a metal roof is standard and cookie cutter. This is not the case at all! There are many variations when it comes to paint type, color, thickness, rust preventative coatings, and hardness that all change the look and protection level of your roof. Make sure you weigh all factors of durability and quality, as well as price to make sure you get the perfect metal roof for you!