What is a Pro Center Elite?


Pro Center Elite is a program by UCOA that was created for the purpose of making metal easy to get no matter where you are or what day of the week it is.

UCOA has a massive network of some of the top metal manufacturers in the country, and with those strong relations come many perks. As a member of UCOA’s Pro Center Elite program, if you need metal on a day where we are not open, there is no need to worry. In just a few keystrokes, our member contractors can access metal pricing, previous orders, archives, and even check previous bills.

Not only that, members of this program can re-up any of their previous estimates and orders from their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer! At UCOA, we know you want the best experience for your customer, which is why we strive to get our contractors the fastest, easiest, and most reliable system to purchase their metal.

With Pro Center Elite, our members, whether individuals or contractors, have access to every single product in the catalog of Central States, the largest metal manufacturer in the United States. Pro Center Elite can keep a contractor’s system organized, save them time with re estimates, and improve the speed and efficiency of their business. This not only helps contractors become more profitable, but it also supplies their customers with a much wider variety of metal options at lower costs and faster speed!

With the Pro Center Elite Program there is no need to worry about Central states buying limitations. When you are a member of UCOA you can shop for premium metal, locally! That is right, no matter what size contractor you are, you can have access to the best grade metal in the industry, from top tier manufactures, including Central States, all at an amount you want and a price you can’t beat!

How Pro Center Elite Works


When you order metal through UCOA’s Pro Center Elite program, our team will include your order in a bulk buy with the rest of our members. This means every member no longer has to worry about metal manufactures setting buy limits. We will then fill you exact order, and you can complete the transaction through us. Then it is as simple as getting the metal delivered or picking it up! No more waiting on the phone with major manufactures, waiting for buy approval, or struggling to find the metal you need. Get any part, style, or color, any of the largest contractors in the country can get, with the help of UCOA. It is time to take metal contracting to the next level, with UCOA Metals.

Don’t forget UCOA’s Pro Center Elite Hub either. Track your orders, receipts, save information, contact support, and so much more from any device. When you want highly efficient metal buying, with all the variety you would need. Then you need UCOA Metals.

What UCOA can do for contractors


As a member of UCOA, you will get more than just easy access to metal. Our member contractors are always in the know about industry trends and are much more prepared for what is to come, compared to freelance or standalone contractors. UCOA members receive incredible benefits like same-day estimates, quality technical support, early product, and trend information, access to sales staff, efficient delivery, and a significant increase in buying power and networking power within the industry.

The Power of a Strong Network


When you partner with UCOA, you are partnering with one of the strongest contractor networks in the midwest. UCOA spans 13 states including Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Texas, Colorado, and more! Why is this important? Since UCOA keeps strong relations with the biggest names in the metal industry, we have access to the best prices and warranties in the business, which we pass directly to our contractors. UCOA members have the ability to offer more variety, warranties, benefits, and styles to their end-users than any other freelance contractor, all for a much lower price than buying directly from retailers.

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