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Horizon-Loc gives you a fantastic-looking roof without a single screw showing, providing the advantage of a standing seam roof for much less. The panels snap together quickly with no hand-seaming required. As a result, installation is considerably less expensive than traditional standing seam. High durability ratings mean Horizon-Loc can lower insurance rates. Extra protection from leaks, no hand-seaming, and lower insurance rates make Horizon-loc the perfect panel for both residential roofing and light commercial projects. When you want quality metal you can trust, you want a membership with UCOA!

  • Installs over solid decking with 30 lb. felt paper or equivalent.
  • Available in painted AZ50 Galvalume® or AZ55 acrylic-coated Galvalume.
  • Matching trims and accessories in hidden and exposed fastener style.

Upgrade to Horizon-Loc for the ultimate protection from rain and snow.

Horizon-Loc gives you the beauty and protection of a standing seam panel at an affordable price. It also features CentralGuard, UCOA manufacturer’s specific combination of everything that goes into making the highest-quality metal panels. The CentralGuard name is a guarantee that you have the best protection from fade, dent, and rust with a lifetime paint warranty.

Product Description

Horizon-Loc is available in 26 ga, AZ50 painted Galvalume® and bare Galvalume. Painted panels feature SMP or Fluropon paint systems, with Central Guard protection, and a lifetime limited paint warranty. Bare (non-painted) panels from Central States have an acrylic coating which eliminates using oils during manufacturing, and eliminates fingerprinting and foot marking during installation. Bare, unpainted Galvalume is not warranted for uniformity in appearance, whether it be color, sheen, or spangle. If the project requires a uniform appearance, please choose a painted product.

Install Horizon-Loc over a solid decking with at least 30 lb. felt paper or synthetic underlayment. A synthetic underlayment would be a better choice because it is designed to last the life of the metal and will not break down in 10-15 years.

The Horizon-Loc panel is custom cut to the half inch, in lengths from 3′ to 40′. Longer lengths require additional handling, packaging, and shipping considerations. An extra handling charge may apply to panels over 40′. HorizonLoc panels should not be end-lapped. You must order full-length panels to avoid end laps.

Horizon-Loc is an excellent choice for residential and light commercial applications.

Roof Preparation Tips

  • Horizon-Loc is designed to be installed over solid decking. We recommend a minimum 1/2″ plywood sheathing
  • Make sure any existing decking is smooth, level and in good condition. Replace any decking not meeting those requirements.
  • If there is an existing asphalt shingle roof it must be removed.
  • Make sure the roof is clear of any debris that might interfere with installation.
  • Use minimum 30 lb. felt or synthetic underlayment.
  • Use an alignment or “chalk” line where the first panel is installed. Central States recommends that this line be vertical and 1/4″ from the rake edge of the roof deck and square with the eave. Other methods of confirming the squareness can also be used.

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