Where to Place Your Pole Barn

Where to Place Your Pole Barn

So you’ve decided to build a pole barn, but have you put much thought into where you are going to build it and why? There are some important things to take into consideration when selecting the location on your property to build your pole barn. Pole barn placement should consider drainage, the climate, the needed amenities, and more.



Choose a location for your barn where water drains well and won’t flood the pole barn when it is built. You can get an idea if this will be an issue by walking around your desired build site during a rainstorm to see where the water pools, indicating a site that is not ideal. 



Climate plays a role in the heating and cooling of your new pole barn. In warmer climates, barns should be built outside of direct sunlight to help keep the building cooler. However, the opposite is true for colder climates. In a colder climate, build the barn in the sun to take advantage of the sun to keep the barn warm. 


Level Land

Make sure to build your pole barn on level ground. This will help with drainage and making sure that it does not pool or flood. If necessary, you can bring in additional topsoil to help level the land and make sure that your pole barn placement is perfect.


Location on the Property

This is one of the most important parts of choosing the perfect spot for your pole barn. It is important to make sure that your pole barn placement is near any utilities that you will need, such as water and electricity. In addition, consider how the new structure will affect any existing driveways or if new driveways are needed. 


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