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/Get a Metal Building Quote from a Contractor

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The Metal Building Contractors at UCOA are experienced in all kinds of metal buildings, metal roofs, and more.

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Metal Roofing Quotes: Looking for the last roof you will ever need? Our partners at Central States have panels that look great and outperform traditional roofing shingles. If you like the classic look our Panel-Loc Plus will be perfect for your home. Live in an area that is prone to hail? You may need the extra dent protection of the M-Loc or Central-Snap. No matter you’re looking for, we’ve got your residential needs covered. Get a quote today!

Agricultural & Recreational Metal Building Quotes: Looking for a quote for a backyard garage, post Fram barn or RV storage building?  Get a custom quote today from one of our expert contractors. From the our Horizon-Loc for your roof to the classic Panel-Loc Plus for your walls we have the materials you need to make sure it stands the test of time. Choose a higher end utility panel to keep out the elements for agricultural buildings and know that it’s built right when you turn to the experts at UCOA.

Commercial Metal Building Quotes: Looking for a great commercial building? Our partners at Central States has five metal panels for commercial projects and our contractors know how to put them to work. We recommend R-Loc or M-Loc for a classic appearance at a 1/2 : 12 pitch. If you’re looking for a more industrial look and a performance 24 gauge material, we recommend Central-Loc or Central Seam Plus. The Horizon-Loc metal panel is perfect for light commercial jobs and a more upscale look.