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UCOA: Your Home for Metal Building Supplies

UCOA is a great choice for metal building supplies. We offer a wide range of products such as post frame metal, doors and windows, commercial/residential overhead doors, and more. With many years of experience in our industry, we offer a competitive advantage when compared to other suppliers. From customer service personalized to fit your needs to our contractors buying group, UCOA works hard to ensure that each customer is satisfied. And, our benefits don’t just apply to contractors. We offer

What is Horizon-Loc Metal Roofing?

Horizon-Loc metal roofing is a highly leak resistant roofing style that provides the sleek look and benefits of a seam roof without the expensive installation. While most seam roofs require labor intensive, mechanical installation, horizon-loc metal roofing cuts labor costs with a snap in place system. It is highly durable, highly reliable, and highly recommended for small commercial buildings or residential roofing.  Horizon-Loc Metal Roofing Vs. Panel-Loc Horizon-Loc metal roofing is regarded for its seamless look at a reasonable price. However, its

What is a Panel-Loc metal roof?

A panel-loc metal roof is a stylish, low rib roof designed to give commercial, residential, and agricultural outdoor buildings a strong and reliable steel protection while maintaining a quality look. Usually coming in 26 to 29 gauge steel, having a panel-loc roof can provide extreme protection against the elements. Most panel-loc metal roofs can withstand weather at a class 4 resistance level, come in a variety of colors, and are usually offered with a substantial warranty. Why choose a metal roof

What is Max-Rib Metal Roofing?

Choosing the right roofing material is not a decision to take lightly. There are many factors to consider, such as aesthetic, budget, and longevity. UCOA Metals has found a leader in the industry for metal roofing panels, Max Rib Metal Roofing.  About Max Rib Metal Roofing Max Rib Metal roofing are a type of roofing panels that are commonly used in residential and post frame projects These panels are a popular roofing choice in the metal roofing industry for a reason. These

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Check out some projects that were made possible with the high-quality products and services at UCOA Metals! UCOA is sure to make your project stand out from the rest. Panel Loc Plus Low Rib – Panel Loc Plus Panel Loc Plus Panel Loc Plus Low Rib Panel Loc Plus Standing Seam – Horizon Loc Panel Loc Plus Panel Loc Plus – Low Rib Horizon Loc – Standing Seam Standing Seam – Horizon Loc Panel Loc Plus Standing Seam – Horizon Loc Low Rib – Panel Loc Plus Standing Seam – Horizon Loc Panel Loc Plus Standing

Why a Metal Roof is Right for You

Selecting the right roof for your home or building is a big decision. With the wide variety of roofing types on the market, it can be a stressful experience. However, at UCOA, we believe that one roofing type, metal roofs, reigns supreme. Having a metal roof has become more popular in residential roofing and home improvement. With as many pros as metals roofs offer, it is not surprising that they have made a rise in popularity. Metal roofs offer benefits

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What is Roll Forming? A rollformer takes strips of metal and sends it through sets of rolls to perform incremental bends until the desired shape is achieved. A number of factors are necessary for roll forming to be successful, such as material properties, tooling set up, and the operator. This technique can be very precise as long as the operator has a deep understanding of the process. Despite the precision, however, there are many drawbacks to using a roll former. Drawbacks

Steel Building Kits

Bolt-Up Steel Buildings

Easy-To-Assemble, Fast Turnaround Time, and Affordable!   Standard Steel Building Kits Include:   Installation Guide: Easy to follow UCOA steel building kits assembly instructions and construction plans Framing: 8″ 16 gauge, red iron roof purlin, flush wall girts, eave struts, and end wall columns 8″ 14 gauge, red iron sidewall column and rafter. 14 gauge red iron base angle 3/8″ thick steel structural plates and universal bolt package for simple installation Roof: Prime, 26 gauge acrylic Galvalume R-Loc -3.12 pitch Walls: Prime, 26 gauge CentralGuard painted R-Loc Trim: Painted 26 gauge trim package includes base, rake,

A Beginner’s Guide to Metal Buildings

If you’ve considered adding metal buildings to your contracting business offering, here’s an in-depth guide to get you started. It all begins with a desire to learn to work with metal… Full article coming soon!

Future of Metal Buildings with UCOA

The Future of Metal Buildings

Even small contractors can benefit from the many new types of metal buildings that are coming to market.  Through our connections with some of the biggest players in the market, here’s the inside-scoop on the future of metal buildings. Featured article coming soon!