How to Frame a Metal Building

How to Frame a Metal Building

So you’ve decided to build a metal building but you want it to have a traditional interior. How can you do that? A more traditional looking interior can be achieved using wood framing and drywall inside of the building. Learn more about wood framing inside a metal building from the united contractors of america at UCOA.


Why frame the interior of a metal building?

There are many reasons to frame the interior of a metal building. Framing a building helps to allow a metal building to be used for many different purposes besides just as a storage shed. Post frame buildings are great for anything from homes to commercial buildings or event centers. And, framing even increases the building’s value by creating functionality with these interior partitions. In addition, the framing is easy to customize and even change in the future. 


How to frame the interior of a metal building

The framing of your building is dependent on a number of factors. First, consider the capabilities of the building’s structure. Many metal buildings need columns or support around every 200 feet of width, so you have many options available to you for customizing the function of the building. 


Next, consider the intended purpose of the building. If you are building a metal building to be used for storage purposes, you may not want a bunch of rooms framed out so that you can have plenty of open space for storage. However, if you are building a metal building that will need office space, frame the interior of the building so that you can have the desired office space.


Metal Buildings with UCOA Metals

Are you ready to build a new metal building of your own? The united contractors of America at UCOA Metals are here to help you get your project started. We offer the highest quality of post frame metal for all of our consumers and contractors. Contact us today to learn more.

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