Why Choose Malco Products

Why Choose Malco Products

UCOA is a proud partner of Malco Products. Malco tools are all American-made and provide some of the most reliable work for the lowest price around. It is as important as ever to support the growth of local companies operating right here in the United States. There are many reasons why Malco tools are the ones to choose to get the job done. 

Keeps American Jobs American

By supporting Malco Tools, you are supporting 100% American manufacturing. Which contributes to the wages of thousands of hard-working Americans. Both UCOA and Malco have incredibly low employee turnover. By allowing us to support you, Malco and UCOA can continue to be employee-run organizations that thrive on providing opportunities to our friends and neighbors. Malco has even received several awards for being one of the highest quality workplaces in the tools industry.  

Lower Pollution 

Not only can your business keep Americans working, but it can also support the environment. UCOA and Malco Tools are both committed to leaving little to no carbon footprint for every job we do. When you use UCOA and Malco tools, you prevent needless overseas travel, burning of fossil fuels, and long transfers between plants that use many trucks that produce large amounts of exhaust. The reason it is so cheap to produce elsewhere is that there are no regulations protecting our environment. At UCOA and Malco we refuse to outsource our work for manufacturing costs because we want to support our men and women at home. Not to mention, that we maintain competitive pricing even while staying committed to the good ole’ USA. 

Higher Quality Products

When you choose Malco Tools, you are choosing a higher level of craftsmanship, development, and manufacturing. Malco Products maintains competitive pricing despite being American-made, and their tools last significantly longer than other competitors. If you want better innovation, better quality, and an overall better cost per use, choose the experts at UCOA and Malco. 

The Economy 

UCOA connects contractors and manufacturers together. What better way to support the U.S economy than putting your business towards American organizations that are working together. By supporting Malco Tools, or any of the other quality businesses in the UCOA network, you are supporting a web of American business that contributes massively to the health of the communal and national economy.  

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