How to put a Metal Roof on a Pole Barn?

How to put a Metal Roof on a Pole Barn?

Metal roofs are the most common types of roofs found on pole barns. You will find many pole barn home owners searching for a reputable roofing metal supplier, to ensure they will have a roof, made to last. Installing metal roofing on a pole barn is not much different from doing so on a normal home or shed. Metal roofing is usually much easier to install as they require less steps than a standard asphalt shingle roof. With the proper tools and experience, and proper guidance from a roofing metal supplier, the task of installing a metal roof can be completed in no time. 


Installing a Metal Roof on a Pole Barn – The Steps 


Step 1 


Use a tape measure to get the length and width of the pole barn you plan to work on. Multiple these two measurements together. This will tell you the total square footage of the pole barn. Once you have the square footage, you will better be able to estimate how many metal roofing pieces you will need. 


Step 2 


Start at the bottom corner of the roof. Set the first piece of metal roofing with the sheathing underneath. Place a screw on either side of the piece you just placed. Now you can insert the rest of the screws. Move around the piece, inserting a screw every two feet. 


Step 3 


Take the second metal sheet and overlap the first one. This should be done by the ridge of the first one. Install the second piece just how the first one was installed, and continue around the pole barn until the roof is complete. 


Step 4 


Cut the end piece of the metal roof to the correct size with tin snips, and repeat for the rest of the rows. Continue until all of the rows are installed. 


Step 5 


Take a step back and inspect your roof. Make sure everything has been properly installed and nailed down. Check for any pieces sticking up or jutting out. If you are having problems, do not hesitate to call a local roofing metal supplier for assistance. 


Need help? 


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