Finding the Best Roofing System

Finding the Best Roofing System

When browsing metal roofing options from your local united contractor group it can be difficult to find the option that works best for your home. There are multiple metal roofing options on the market, all with their own pros and cons. That is why it is important to understand the benefits of each of these options before deciding. 

There are six common forms of quality metal roofing: 

  • Panel-Loc 
  • Central Snap 
  • RibRunner 
  • Horizon-Loc 
  • Craftsman 
  • Max-Rib 




Panel – Loc roofing gives residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings strong steel protection while keeping a sleek look. Panel lock is usually manufactured by a local contractor group and features siphon grooves to eliminate leaks, easy installation design, and lap grooves to hide overlap and improve appearance. It comes in 26 gauge, prime 29 gauge, and standard 29 gauge. With fantastic warranties. Fantastic for light or smaller buildings, that require light but strong protection. 


Central Snap


Central snap is a non-structural standing seam roof system. It has a simple, clean look with an easy installation snap-lock feature. Your local united contractor group can even offer extended features and systems such as energy efficiency finishes, specialized paint systems, and more. Central snap can be installed with no seeming, has sealant applied at a factory level to reduce maintenance, and can be installed over solid decking. A great choice for an easy installation or if you need to install over solid decking. 




Ribrunner is a fantastic option if you are looking to replace an existing roof. Your local united contractor group can easily use RibRunner to fit a metal over metal roof system. Ribrunner can increase wind uplift value, energy savings, and strengthen your roof overall. Rivrunner can fit almost any existing metal roof and can be installed very quickly. 




Horizon-Loc is unique in that you can have a beautiful roof installed with no screws showing. Horizon – Loc provides similar advantages to that of a normal standing seam roof for less cost. There is no hand seaming required, and Horizon – Loc roofing is incredibly durable. Horizon – Loc Roofing Systems are ideal for residential roofing and light commercial projects. With a snap-on feature Horizon – Loc provides easier installation, with added protection. 




The craftsman Series is perfect for a roof looking to shed large amounts of water. Ideal for high precipitation regions, a Craftsman roof is designed to make complicated building transitions simple. Craftsman Series roofs are known for their high minimum slope and groves that effortlessly eliminate water buildup on your roof and prevents water damage. 




Ma-Rib roofing is a high-quality, low-profile panel that is great for post-frame and residential homes. Max-Rib has multiple applications, and requires different metal panels, for each. Luckily each option is broken down based upon performance, longevity, and budget.  


  • Max-Rib Ultra – For top-of-the-line performance and many features, choose Max-Rib Ulta. Your local united contractor group will equip you with a roof the resists all fading, damage, and chipping for many years. 


  • Max-Rib II – One of the longest lifespans in the Max-Rib family. Max-Rib II is an excellent multi-use panel. 


  • Max-Rib 100 –  A zinc-coated option, with high-quality silicone polyester. Max-Rib 100 works great when a Galvanized substrate is required. 


  • Max-Rib Commodity – A ten-year warranty panel that is highly cost-effective. Great for interior application, and shelter application. 


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